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The treatment consists in massage, more or pill less energetic, according to the consistency or age of the deposit.

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Maximum - we are also endeavoring to establish in the same district full cooking instruction to be given to the seventh and eighth year girls. For - hemiplegia is common, in which event the loss of power and blindness are on the same side. That incalculable benefits might follow such "prescribing" a scheme is apparent to anyone who, like myself, is nearing the limit,, and who has made a careful study of the calamities which may befall men during the seventh and eighth decades. Symptoms, such as fullness in the abdomen after eating, flatulence, heartburn, poor appetite and injections constipation, are those chiefly mentioned by patients and considered by physicians: s found in dyspepsia.


Moreover, it tends to full restore cure. This condition of affairs has obtained for a long period, gradually going on from bad to worse, and from worse to worst, until at the present time it would be difficult, if tablets not well nigh impossible, to find a skilled and scientific pharmaceutist devoted to his profession, pursuing it for itself alone, and realizing an honorable and comfortable subsistence from it.

Toward the end of the cure there are regulated gynmastic exercises to accustom the heart gradually to the strain of physical exertion (50).