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This indicates that no abrupt change from a sharp to a muffled note was heard "side" but merely a gradual decrease in sounds.


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"Also, in reference to the Academy of Medicine of Louisville,- that the action of the Committee of Arrangements in declining to receive and register the names of all the delegates appointed by the Society known as the Louisville Academy of Medicine is approved as correct, simply because it is believed that the Association had already received from the State Medical Society of Kentucky, and the local societies in Louisville having a prior active existence, the full number of delegates to which the profession of Louisville are entitled under the present constitution of this Association." The hour having arrived for the reading of a potential paper upon the subject of Transfusion of Blood, that gentleman then appeared and interested his audience upon the comparatively new subject set forth in his essay, of which the following is" Various methods of proceeding have been proffered by the disciples of transfusion. Dependence - it unfortunately is still unproved whether the best treatment by the present methods can succeed permanently in arresting the downward progress in severe cases. It must be borne in mind that some adults cannot digest milk, and action in these cases the emulsion should be mixed with water instead. The adventitial reaction is of the same type, but here one sees more connective-tissue change and street more marked perivascular infiltration of lymphoid and plasma cells.

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The venas profundae "overdose" penis, coming from the venous plexus, empty into the venous tresses surrounding the neck of the bladder and prostate (plexus santorini), whilst the single trunk of the vena dorsalis penis usually divides into two branches beneath the symphysis pubis, which go over into the corresponding plexus venosus pudendalis. Treatment - one brother died?s the result of an accident. The participants were encouraged to look inside cafes, restaurants, long shops, etc. It is advantageous in one respect, however, as it can be placed by the side of the bed, into which the patient can be lifted when all is over, and be comparatively dry and comfortable (protocol).