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In individuals of the same age and sex the pulse-rate varies according to the height; it is slower in tall than in short persons: doses. That is to say, it is not to be regarded as the result of a pure disturbance of contractility, but as a disturbance of rhythm from bigemina or from extrasystoles, and that "gsk" the true alternans, on the contrary, is characterized by the fact that the smaller pulse in the artery is somewhat delayed. 500/50 - this characteristic sound is to be heard both in croupous and catarrhal pulmonary inflammation, in certain stages of tuberculous infiltration, in hemorrhagic infarctions, and in beginning pulmonary edema. The condition user of cystic ovary was revealed at autopsy. Reviews - with the cessation of respiration the blood becomes still more decidedly venous. Tradncidos, side illustrados y puestos en verso castellano por Don Manuel. This admixture is not, however, the only cause of the often enormous cyanosis presented by these cases: combination. B.) Tlie generic legal control of iiioiiii:ii iir:Hiiic liy a State Scott (T.