For example, segments with subendocardial infarction or extensive fibrosis may show the augmentation of function on stimulation because of recruitment of neighboring viable cells, but their systolic function, at least at rest, will not improve on revascularization, and a drops substantial percentage of segments without evidence of viability will have improved function after revascularization. A MEDICAL WORK BY A TEXAS PHYSICIAN (dexamethasone). Vasomotor symptoms in the face are usually absent, but we sometimes find a peculiar flattening of the cheeks, which ear has not yet been explained. At the last International Congress of Hypnology, which took place in Brussels last September, the view was advanced and supported that everyone should be tried as to his hypnotic suggestibility, and in case it is found to be considerable, should be be vaccinated, as it were, by a suggestion, so that weakening of his will or hypnotization against his will w r ould be less liable to occur than before.


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