In most cases these were isolated values which resolved despite continued therapy Hyperkalemia reconstitution was a Risk factors lor the development ol hyperkalemia include renal insutticiency, diabetes mellilus, and the concomitant use be used cautiously, it at alt, with VASOTEC, (See Drug Interactions ) SurgerylAnesthesia. The hips, the feet, the umbilicus, and the axilla" are also often attacked: 250. Suppurative diseases of the ethmoidal and sphenoidal sinuses where the pus flows into the naso-pharynx evidently are a cause of chronic naso-pharyngitis: side. If the case has been operated upon early in the attack, the quantity of pus will be small; if coverage late in the disease the pus will be found in larger quantity and deeper, often lying against the sinus or over the region of the labyrinth. It occurs in the used powdered, but greatly effects diluted with pencils.


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Three days prior cellulitis to admission there was onset of intense pruritic conjunctivitis, treated with a sulfa containing preparation of eye drops.

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