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The codeia is to be purified in ether, from which The essential characteristics which mark morphia and distinguish it are, that it crystallizes in prisms from its alcoholic solution, that it is but little soluble in water, that it is insoluble in ether, and that it is perfectly dissolved by potassa or soda; this distinguishes it altogether from narcotina, with which it may sometimes be found, but which is not the case when obtained by the process I have just attempted by description to explain to you; it gives a deep-red color to nitric acid, and one of the most beautiful blues to muriate of iron by candle-light, though it has a more greenish hue by day-light; these tests will fully distinguish it from all According to the excellence of the opium will be the quantity of morphia contained; about one hundred pounds of the drug will yield from one hundred and twenty to one hundred and fifty ounces of morphia, and, according to Roblquet, about six ounces of codeia will be obtained from one hundred pounds of opium also: cheap.

It is probable that something analogous to this occurs in disease and that drugs are hormones, or stimulants to the production of hormones, conveying the information that something is wrong in a certain part of the economy and calling upon the for curative powers of the organism to exert their specific action in that direction.

Now, by pincliing or cutting the india nerve we can determine directly whether it is really eniiowed with sensibility or not.