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The profession is thus at once cemented together as a whole, and afforded the opportunity to differentiate. The best position to place the subject was the knee chest, then dilate the anus, or diviile it posteriorly to the tip of the coccyx and stitch each flap back out of the way to the skin of the buttock; then with the aid of a Sims's speculum, a head mirror, or, l)etter still, a small electric light, mechanism and a. It will be seen that there is no essential dilTerence in the prophylaxis of the two cities; in both the end sought after is surgical cleanliness, and this end may be attained by vs enforcing strict (piarantine against those who have been in contact with septic material, and by proper cleanliness of the patient and all that comes in contact with her.

It is like having a mortgage that you can't cash in action when you want to pay off some of your debts.

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Smith looks upon this as the most violent form of inflammatory action, while other writers equally prominent take an opposite view. After he has done this for a few minutes he instructs the woman to brace her feet against the foot of the bed and make a strong expulsive effort. The family doctor is often able to say with truth:"I treat the patient and let the disease die." On the other hand, the specialist has not infrequently had to admit:"I treat the disease and let the patient die.".Another point is this, the experienced family doctor knows what he can do and just what he can not do.

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