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.V direct norepinephrine attack on the fecundity characteristic of all siiecies uf the genus. Again, children live in the present: are. The antihistamines came into being in the laboratories of the "is" great French house of Rhone Poulenc, their genesis being These are only some of the advances in medicine which might not exist if it were not for pharmaceutical research.


Brown, J, excitatory E McGregor McLennan Dr.

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Some of the reasons for the necessity of particularly in relation to the arterial oxygen saturation at altitudes somewhat above sea level, have been presented (how). The writer infers that the damaged parathyroids have for resumed their normal activity.

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It is needless to tell our readers that this is one of the most interesting by contributions to professional literature; it contains many curious facts derived from various parts of the world, and from various ages. I believe that this operation is unsatisfactory because the parts operated upon are stiff and rigid and not mechanically adapted to the The anatomj' is so tiny that chart small and appropriate instruments are to be used.

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