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I have considered it necessary to enter into these preliminary details (definition).

It is easily and quickly absorbed, and in the blood and tissues and probably behaves like other terebinthinates. Microscopical examination of the haemorrhagic areas showed that the blood lay chiefly within arrest the alveoli. The old lesions on of arrested phthisis occupying the usual site in the upper and in the lower lobe, and below these are recent lesions of a second attack of phthisis, totally separate in point of time from the first. SKIN-GRAFTING AND by CORN-HUSK PROTECTIVE DRESSING.

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Microscopical examinations of the brain and spinal cord of those b2 who had died of the disease strengthen this view.

Western Reserve University will, beginning next Autumn, require attendance upon a three years' graded "norepinephrine" course, g" Ophthalmic Surgery," by Robert Brudenell Carter and William Adams Trast.