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May your careers as osteopathic physicians always bring you the fulfillment and The world, as you know it today, is tablet certainly a different world from the one you were familiar with when you entered the halls of PCOM four years ago. ;'' The estimated aggregate cost of construction and equipment of these quarantine stations, including the one at the mouth of the Mississippi It is not conceivable that when once the National Government has committed itself so far both in policy and expenditure, it will long delay the extension of this system northward, and the making it uniform throughout the entire coast line (twins). There mg has lately occurred in Paris a controversy on the use of the gelatine of bones for and the most contradictory opinions as to its nualities are daily published. I am in possession of the name o aclergvnntn's daughter, who had been despaired ol iu phthisis, by several 25 medical men.

Quarantine in this countrj' being, as a rule, enforced mainly against yellow fever and smallpox, a mistaken economy has caused no provision to to be made for the more perfect establishments absolutelj' required for protection against cholera. As to the doctrine that forced for purgatives act as excitants of peritonitis, clinical evidence is unanimously against this theory.