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Drugs reputed to possess a choUigogue action, such as euonymin, podophyllin, salicylates, and benzoates, are sometimes useful when the ol)struction in the ducts is sandoz but moderate and of cntarrhal origin. Every thing having been thus neatly prepared, the tin saucepan, b, is to be filled three-quarters full with alcohol, and the spirit is to be set on fire (aygestin).

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So true is this, that every modern writer what of note on practical medicine tells us that even habitual moderate drinkers of alcoholic liquor give a much higher ratio of mortality when attacked with cholera, continued fever, pneumonia, influenza or almost any other acute disease, than the total abstainers.

Applied to the skin, tartar emetic "norethindrone" produces an eruption of painful pustules resembling small-pox. Generally when tliis does occur it is secondary to trauma or a malignancy (uses).

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