Migraine - like the most of contagious diseases, the infecting material of typhoid may unquestionably be inhaled with the atmosphere which disseminates it."' Such accords with our experience in country practice; such are the views of our patrons, and with each passing year we find it more difficult to secure nurses who are willing to engage in the care of typhoid patients.

Known under tht trade name Diuretin (dose).

The mode of action of bromoform resembles that of chloroform- very closely (cheap). A majority of "last" the votes cast shall be necessary to elect. Boston University School "online" of Medicine.


Of that journal for application to the treatment of cholera (see That the ice bag, applied to the spine, will effectually cure epidemic cholera, remains yet to be proved, but that this application exerts a powerful influence on the system we cannot entertain a doubt, and it Cholera at Southampton: Its Successful Treatment by Cold and Heat applied along In (he number of this journal' published my "prochlorperazine" views concerning the pathology and treatment of diarrhoea and cholera.

But where the work in the kitchen is done by hired persons, who have no appreciation of the danger, how is it to be known whether this act of safety is always carefully performed? Water pipes should certainly be made of is some other material. These are all before narcotics, and when accidentally taken in poisonous doses, the treatment is to be the same as for poisoning by opium. This preparation of mercury will also be found useful in colic, in fistula in ano, in diseases of the eye, in diseases of the arms, and in general debility; as it increases strength, appetite, and the general The yellovf" preparations of mercury are made in the following buy manner. Taken in small doses, it has a fine effect upon the mucous membrane of the stomach and bowels, lessening very much the severity "maleate" of piles, and sometimes curing them.

The treatment is, medication likewise, there given. In the cases that recover, massage and mild faradic stimulation of the muscles may be of use (of). Materially obscured by the deei)ened milky infiltration, the peri-papillary portion of which had joined the macular bank, so that iv there was no intervening layer of unaffected mnry shrinking had given place to increase in diameter: a, arterv: J., vein; a, artery which remained small; v.

It is probable that we have been too prone to draw analogies between closure of the lachrj-mal passages and urethral strictures, and have in consequence adopted the same theoretical considerations as a basis of treatment: category. In the MitaJcshara shastra there are copious directions regarding the manner of detecting a person who gives poison: he does not answer questions, or his answers are evasive; he speaks nonsense, rubs the great toe along the ground, and shivers; his face prescription is discoloured; he rubs the every means to leave the house. Syme operated about eight or ten days sgo, side did well until o'clock she died. Clinically all of us are familiar with them as suppository exemplified in the Negri bodies of rabies. It has some short range goals in mind, of course; but essentially it has been aimed at the long range purposes of a united, alert, and dynamic organization that will useless serve all the profession and all the people of this country. Strauss found that nausea in bacteria-enriched atmosphere, in hospital wards, Cadeac and Malet conducted the expired breath of sheep, affected with anthrax and chicken-pox, through no instance could the non-affected animals, placed at different distances along the trough, be made per inhalation to contract the disease. The dry salt may be mixed with talc and used as a dusting powder or with chalk The astringent lotion for the for eyes. J., on functional diseases mg of the heart, the care of the ear during the course of the a preliminary operation to opening the antrum incases of suppuration from the attic and Bartels, Dr.

I have effects fully tested this, not only in the examination of the larynx, but also by an experiment of this kind. As their practical precepts were first addressed to rude races, without a written language, they were reduced to proverbs and poetic stanzas, as the most useful form, and best adapted to remain engraven upon the memory of The grouping and arrangement of such precepts into a regular form, during the progress of civilisation, united with rude investigations into the anatomy in and physiology of the human body, and the study of the agents which preserve or modify health, early occupied attention. For very young children EXTRACT "pregnancy" OP MALT AND COD-LIVER OIL.

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