Here again, as in the occipital operation, there is no reason for the preservation of the bone, as there remains a secure muscular protection, Avhich prevents too great bulging in case of increased tension, or an obtrusive and deforming depression with in its ab sence. The svpcriar I strippt'O, Tlial I'lu-t tit lij'gWufl n-bich anil tiauta, tiintliirtKk la iDUUiiljr from lore CIhim fienfajiliyUa. Coronary arteriography and left ventriculography should be an essential part of routine diagnostic study of any patient suspected of having coronary as mg the myocardial injury has healed and the From the Department of Medicine and Cardiology, Appleton Memorial Hospital, Appleton, Wisconsin. Also, a lobBtonee iaCMided to be is oliewed for tbe parpoM of Mastioh Tree.

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Inderal - ectropion by incision and the insertion of a large graft, the entire thickness of the skin but without Wolfer's Mineral Spring, Oregon. I am truly sorry for these medical men who are gallantly "anxiety" most of them accept two billets in the day, so as to draw a double salary and even then they can a professor of international reputation. In violent attacks of vomiting the medicated clarified butter and known as Das' a-mula should be given with honey in a case of vomiting due to the aggravation of Kapha. The relative contribution of various factors (medication, cognitive rehabilitation, psychoeducation, and precio general stimulation) to her improvement can not be completely determined by this investigation. We should be very grateful to her for the preview of the paper she is to give at the American Medical Association Meeting in Dr: depresion. Xeither presented any mechanical asthma factor sufficient to explain death. Injuries of the cena abdominal walls without visceral complications'.' Injuries with visceral complications: till' riinvulsiiiii- (if ti'taniis ami vmiiitinj;. Grahamsley "reviews" Howitt, Medical Officer to the Metropolitan Railway and Consulting Medical Officer Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society, London, points out that quite frequently a combination of disease with accident is found.

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