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They die within a few months after "take" they have begun to have the attacks of contraction of the arteries. Of all the available methods that have been proposed none is demonstrably more practicable and "weight" more effective than filtration.

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To - reappointed by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research a Besearch the compilation of a new descriptive catalogue of the entire Anthropological Collection contained in the Museum of the Royal College of Surgeons. When, however, there is distinct heredity on the side of both intending wife and husband, package a physician's duty should, I think, carry him further, and he should distinctly deprecate the union.

Headache due to these conditions is nearly always associated with general symptoms, such as vomiting, convulsions, paralysis, and intliunniation or atrophy of the optic nerve (review).

The first case had diphtheria in the 150 room with other children.