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This difference in action permits sports a true synergism with mercurial and thiazide diuretics, supplementing and potentiating their beneficial Further, Aldactone minimizes the electrolyte upheaval often caused by mercurial and thiazide compounds.

Sizes - all accredited institutions in Missouri are invited to send this information for listing in MISSOURI MEDICINE.

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As Glucose procured xperia in this way cannot be divested of a malty flavour, the range of its application is limited.

John "find" Ambulance and colonial centres, the absolute necessity that all police officers, of whatever force or grade, should possess the knowledge of how to render first aid, is fast becoming daily more and more recognised by the various corporate and other bodies charged with their administration;" and in connection with this matter, one can fully appreciate the statement of the Chief Constable of Nottingham that"no special services performed by the police have brought them so much in pleasant touch with the public." In the same Annual Eeport, it is noted that the"interest taken in Ambulance work, by railway employes of all grades is not only maintained, but even steadily gaining ground." If any confirmation of kindred Association of St.

To date our experience with the newer and more efficient drugs is review still too limited for us to be able to predict results much beyond five years.


Indeed this organism has frequently been entirely paper absent. This brings up the question of the Wassermann reaction and how much we can depend on it as an indication size for beginning treatment and as an aid in the decision as to the duration of treatment.